Friday, June 3, 2011

I got an award!

Happy Friday everyone!

Forgive me for posting this so late.  This week, as you can see from the pics I posted the other day I've been swamped - shuuu and it's not over yet either.  We have a big picnic party tomorrow

Anywho, I received a new reward from 3 AWESOME ladies SueEllen, Nette & Rene !   Whooo Hooo!!!
Thank you soooo much ladies, I truely appreciate it!  You all are so sweet to give me this award :)

This award is to acknowledge blogs that rock.
If you know a blog that rocks and want to give them this award, simply send them a message saying "Your Blog Rocks".
Since I have accepted this award from Tinx, I must pass it on to 5 other blogs that I think Rock.
There are no rules to this award.
Only to send it to 5 people you think deserve this award.
Make sure you leave them a message.

Crystal at Creative Scraps
Krissy at Krissy's Scraps

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