Thursday, November 11, 2010

New PTU kit at TKO Scraps today "Hush"!

Hello Everyone!

I have been really under the weather this week but I did get a chance to finish a wonderful new kit added at TKO Scraps today called "Hush".  I made "Hush"for my little girl Emmalee based around her favorite book "Goodnight Moon".  If you have never read this book, you must check it out at your local library or it can be purchased at many locations such as HERE or many other great retailers out there.

Hope you like it as much as I did making it!

Have a hushhhhhhing day!

It's time for bed. Grabbing your teddy bear, a glass of milk and a good book makes the day complete. A good book is the key to a peaceful sleep. Maybe it is about a cow jumping over the moon or perhaps it's just a little old lady whispering "Hushhhhh". What better way to show that child like feeling in your scrap projects and tags than with "Hush"!
This personal use kit is tagger size which includes:
70 cat napping elements
22 slumbering coordinating papers
Before you fall asleep make sure you don't
forget to say goodnight, turn off the light,
eat your bowl of mush & grab a little "Hush" !

Click HERE to purchase "Hush"
exclusively at TKO Scraps today!

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foreverjeune said...

Well, I just may have to pay a visit to TKO Scraps real soon !!