Monday, January 24, 2011

New PTU kit at TKO Scraps today "I Think I Luv U"!

Hello everyone!

What a very long and cold week we have had here in Western Maryland last week & there is more to come as well :( 
But the cold couldn't stop a new kit from coming out, right? :)  This week I have a neat little Valentine's Day Kiddie type kit for you just added to TKO Scraps this evening.  The colors are not the traditional reds and pinks but an array of vibrant colors all together.  Hope you like it!

But before I show you the new kit preview...
I'd like to send out a special Happy Birthday
to my husband David's Great Grandmother
who turned 103 yesterday - YES 103 !!!! 
Happy Birthday Elsie!
Having those feelings of that first crush rolling in your mind? Being so young, not knowing what to say or do. Maybe you sent them a special note or just punched that special person right in the arm! You can relive those childhood crushes again with "I Think I Luv U " in your scrap projects or tags!

This personal use kit is tagger size which includes:
82 cherishing elements
28 affectionate coordinating papers
Sneak a wink at that special someone again in "I Think I Luv You" before the bell rings and the chance is gone!

Click HERE to purchase "I Think I Luv U"
Plus it is 50% OFF until Feb 1st!!!!!

Have a what I think, a loveable day! :)

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