Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sharing some new pics - Of my son this time too!

Hello everyone!I have some new pics to share with you today - This time they are of my son Cody.  If you have seen pics I have posted here before, they are mostly of my daughter Emmalee.  Well, the MAIN reason is Cody will NOT normally let me take his picture :(  However, this time he had no choice because these are his High School Senior pics...ha ha ha ha

I just took these this week - Cutting it a little soon, considering he graduates June 1st but what can I say, at least I did get them taken (lol) - Even though he pretty much fought me tooth and nail the entire time and he gave me less than an hour of his "time" to take them - ugh!...ha ha ha ha ha

Now, on to getting them processed, sent out in grad invites, oh the list goes on and on what I need to still get done before graduation day arrives - yikes!

Enjoy, because I might not get another pic (unless I'm lucky) for about 2+ years (maybe, if he lets me...ha ha ha ha)

Have a memoriable day! :)


WickedCreationz said...

He is a handsome young man:)

Kara said...

Thanks SueEllen! :)