Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sharing some new pics of my son the High School Grad!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a few pics of my son Cody who just graduated from High School this evening.  The ceremony was really nice and I even choked up myself a little after the kids got into their seats and the crowd roared in excitement for 5 mintues!  The only thing that was not so great was how HOT HOT HOT it was!  The temps around here have just been so miserable the past week (90's to 100's).  The AC just wasn't cutting  I felt so bad for the kids who sat there for 2 hours in the long gowns and caps with no relief.  We (the audience) were given hand fans as we walked in but they had nothing :(  But all in all, it was a great evening! 
I just can't believe all these kids are really adults now, including my son :(  I remember the first day of Pre-K like it was yesterday and alot of these kids where there, just not so little anymore:(

I have to say I'm sorry for the terrible quality of the pics. It was such a hectic day & I took my little regular everyday camera with me and NOT my work camera.  I could kick myself but at least I have a few pics for Cody :) 
I hope to have some more at a later time to show you but for now, here are a few to share.

The MRHS Graduating Class of 2011 entering the ceremony
(Cody is turning the corner to the isle in the row from the right)

Beginning Ceremonies - the crowd was roaring and cheering for them!
It was great!

Cody accepting his diploma

The kids are officially graduated students of MRHS!
(Hard to see but a few are throwing their hats in the air)

Cody (on the far right) and his best buds after graduation

One proud mama here! :)

Oh and a new pic of me - Rare I get a pic taken...too much of a

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