Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sharing some vacation pics :)

Hiya again :)

Here are a few pics I took of me and my family & some family friends who went with us while we were on vacation last week :)

Emmalee at the beach

Cody showing off his fake

Cody & his friend Zack checking out the lemonade girls at the

Cody, Dave & Zack doin crabs Maryland style baby!

Emmalee & her BFF Maddie playing in the sand

Me & my BFF since high school Lauri just goofing off

Dave & Emmalee at the duck pond

Me & Emmalee at the pool

Me & Dave

Just me chillin on the golf cart

And last but not least Dave & Emmalee posing at the fruit

Hope you enjoyed the pics :)

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