Thursday, August 7, 2014

New PTU Tagger Size Kit "Pieces of Me" in stores now! Plus an in-store mini Full Size freebie kit too!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around the past few weeks - I have been spending a little vacation time with my family :)
But I finally got a new PTU tagger kit in stores now called "Pieces of Me".  I went with a jeering Summer/Autumn theme on this kit, I'm sure you can have fun with :)

Hope you like it :)

Now available at :

This new kit and all items
from Sweet Cravings Scraps
are 50% OFF including Bundle Packs
until the end of August !!!

 And here is a little tag I made with the kit too :)

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Plus, I have an in-store mini Full Size freebie kit now available in all my stores.  
The kit "Coffee House" was introduced on the Scrappin Your Heart Out Blogtrain in tagger size and available in Full Size in another store I was previously in.  Since I have left the store but forgot to put it in my other stores - silly me!  But now I have in available in all my stores now! - And yes, it's FREE!

Head over to any of the links below the preview and snag it today!

Scrap and Tubes

Heartbeatz Creationz

If you want to snag the Tagger Size version click HERE

Lastly, a little pic from our family vacation in South Carolina.
It's an odd one, but with my goofballs, it's the only one that turned out us not looking a little "strange"... hahahahaha :)

Happy Scrapping!!!

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